Metadata System Tools

  Related Metadata System tools in Taiwan
2003 Evevts   Open Digital Archive Environment, ODAE
2002 Events Digital Archive Database Tool, DADT
  Metalogy (XML/Metadata Management System)
International Metadata System Tools
    • Metadata System Tool Guide
  • Document Type Definition, DTD
The Brief Introduction of Metadata Standards-By Type   • Creation Tools
The Brief Introduction of Metadata Standards-In Alphabetic Order • Verification Tools
The Chinese Versions of International Metadata Standards • Conversion Tools
International Metadata Standard Mapping • Publishing Tools
  • Metadata Search Engine
Related Digital Archive Technical Assistance
Research Papers • Multimedia Technique
  Conference Papers • Language Technique
  Journal Papers   • Intellectual Property and Privacy Management Mechanism
  Books • Storage-related System
Teaching Materials • Geospatial Data System
Annual Exhibition • Others
Metadata Lifecycle Model MAAT for the National Digital Archives Program in Taiwan
• “Getting Started with Metadata” Blank Template and Guiding Instruction and Example • Introduction
    • Background
  • Present Status
Team Members     • Metadata Standard
Questions and Suggestions     • Metadata Elemets
    • Working Process
  • Participants
    • Documents

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