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Metadata System Tools
Related Metadata System tools in Taiwan

Open Digital Archive Environment, ODAE

Developer: Computer Systems and Communication Laboratory of Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica
ODAE Digital Archive System offers an environment for multimedia digital archive integrated management and service. It provides users with basic functions of collecting, revising, post-producing, storing, propagating, representing as well as system security and management and user's service. More......

Digital Archive Database Tool, DADT

Developer: Computing Center, Academia Sinica
The Digital Archive Database Tool (DADT) is a tool for making sophisticated database application systems on the Web. DADT is a highly schema-driven tool. As long as the database schema is decided, users may follow some simple rules to design Web pages according to the schema, and obtain the support of DADT. Four kinds of Web pages are supported: Management, Query, List and Report, and DADT is also offered with fixed programs to be connect with DBMS and web interfaces. More......

Metalogy (XML/Metadata Management System)

Developer: Resources Organization and Searching Specification (ROSS), Digital Library Project, National Scinece Council
Metalogy is a XML/Metadata management system developed by ROSS under the project of Digital Museum by National Science Council. It uses DTD to set up database, edit metadata and authority files, search, import and export XML documents. More......

International Metadata System Tools

International Metadata System Tools: Metadata standards from different domains, such as CDWA, Dublin Core, EAD, FGDC, and MARC, are arranged in this section. The sofeware tools to produce, edit, convert, verify, publish and manage metadata documents are collected. The tools are sorted according to their function and format. Besides, metadata tool list index is available upon request.

Sorted by function

  • Document Type Definition, DTD
  • Markup Language
  • Creation Tools
  • Conversion Tools
  • Publishing Tools
  • Metadata Search Engine

Sorted by metadata formet

  • Darwin Core
  • Dublin Core
  • EAD
  • MARC
  • OLAC
  • TEI

Metadata System Tool Guide

Include a general tool guide and a specific one. The former are of various standards types in mainstream tool lists; the latter are application tools mainly collected from standard devekopers.

Related Digital Archive Technical Assistance

Related Digital Archive Technical Assistance (in chinese): Based on the technical inquiry of thematic projects, this section offers an brief introduction of related techniques applied to assist Research & Development of Technology Division, NDAP. The content includes several parts:

  • Multimedia Technique
  • Language Technique
  • Intellectual Property and Privacy Management Mechanism
  • Storage-related System
  • Geospatial Data System
  • Others: Full-text Index Technique, etc.