Artifacts Thematic Group

Contact: Ching-ju Cheng

The Artifacts collection of the NDAP includes bronzes, jades, ceramics, and lacquer wares held in the National Palace Museum and the National Museum of History. In 2004, the National Palace Museum and the National Museum of History are involved in this group.

Its main tasks are as follows:
1. to discuss the theme range of digitizing artifacts, and to cooperate as closely as possible among those with similar digitizing items;
2. to confer on the metadata structure of artifacts, their exchange levels and comparison standards;
3. to discuss the regulations to be abided in the working process of this group;
4. to study and locate an international metadata standard appropriate for this group in its items comparison;
5.Research and Development of Technology Division, so as to obtain proper technical support;
6. to draw up the items for the survey sheet of Digitization;
7. to promote collaborations among participating institutions on value-added applications, such as establishment and development of authority files on subjects, decorations and artifact shapes.

Interested parties can visi for detailed information.

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Applied Metadata Standard

Metadata Elements List

Progress and Result


Digital Archives Project of Chinese Antiquities at the National Palace Museum - National Palace Museum
National Historical and Cultural Artifacts Digital Collection Project - National Museum of History
@ The Ancient Chinese Locks Web-site Museum - National Science & Technology Museum (2004 Non-solicited Project )
MAAT: Ya-ning Chen, Shu-jiun Chen, Ching-ju Cheng , Hon-chung Sum

Working documents contain the records when MAAT works on analyzing metadata with the staffs of the thematic group. They include worksheets, controlled vocabulary lists, analysis reports, system requirement specifications, guidelines, meeting reports, and mics.