National Historical and Cultural Artifacts Digital Collection Project - National Museum of History


The main items of the National Museum of History's artifact digitization in this project are Shang-Chou Dynasty bronze weapons, and Changsha-ware porcelain from the Museum's collections. The bronze ceremonial objects and weapons are the most important items of their kind; Changsha-ware plays a very important role in the development of the under ceramics in Chinese ceramics history. The work plan for this project includes: (1) Metadata establishment and development of relevant systems following the digitalization of the artifacts. (2) Planning the photography for the digitization of the artifacts, the file storage and management system, and formulating the work processes. (3) Collaboration and information sharing with the institution undertaking the digitization of the artifacts. This year, the Museum will collaborate with the National Palace Museum on the development of a ¡§Pre-Ch¡¦in Bronze Decoration Database¡¨.

The main results achieved so far in the digitization of collection items are as follows: Metadata architecture and a data-recording system were established for the bronzes and porcelain. The recorded data includes a total of 180 entries. Bronze and porcelain digital image files: A total of 69 items have been photographed, to produce 677 digital files.

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<source: National Digital Archives Program web site>

Applied Metadata Standard: CDWA (Categories for the Description of Works of Art)

Metadata Elements List

Progress and Result:

¡@ Prints/Bronze (2001-2002)
¡@ Bamboo & Wood/Lacquer Ware/Calligraphy (2003)
¡@ Jade & Stone/Seal/Western Painting (2004)
¡@ Glass/Paper Cutting/Photography/Textile/Ivory & Bone/Enamelware (2005~)


Working documents contain the records when MAAT works on analyzing metadata with the staffs of the thematic group. They include worksheets, controlled vocabulary lists, analysis reports, system requirement specifications, guidelines, meeting reports, and miscellaneous