Digital Archives of indigenous Plants of Taiwan

Contact: Chih-feng Wang

The purpose of this project is mainly to produce a Taiwanese botanical database - Database of Native Plants in Taiwan, which consists of (1) label information and specimens images of Taiwanese plant specimens housed at HAST (Herbarium, Institute of Botany, Academia Sinica, Taipei); (2) taxonomic literature; (3) images of wild plants; and (4) GIS-based plant distribution maps. Curatorial management of HAST herbarium is also effectively executed through this system. Invaluable images of herbarium specimens as well as plant photos taken in the wild are preserved permanently. This database serves as a tool for understanding our indigenous flora and their distribution. It also provides a useful reference to the utilization and conservation of the plant resources of Taiwan. This project has completed the management system and the query system for the website ˇ§Database of Native Plants in Taiwanˇ¨. Thus far 16,000 records of specimens, 6,700 images of specimens, 1,000 records of literature and about 1,200 images mainly of pteridophytes, Asteraceae, Begoniaceae, Commelinaceae, Eriocaulaceae, Liliaceae, Onagraceae, Orchidaceae, Polygonaceae, and Primulaceae are available on the web.

<source: National Digital Archives Program web site>

Applied Metadata Standard:

Specimen: HISPID (Herbarium Information Standards and Protocols for Interchange of Data)
Species: Species 2000 Standard Data

Metadata Elements List (includes element names and crosswalk mapping with Species 2000 Standard Data and HISPID code )

Progress and Result

Working documents contain the records when MAAT works on analyzing metadata with the staffs of the thematic group. They include worksheets, controlled vocabulary lists, analysis reports, system requirement specifications, guidelines, meeting reports, and misc

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