The Digital Archives of Formosan Aborigines

Contact: Ching-ju Cheng

The Digital Archives of Formosan Aborigines (DAFA) aims at digitalizing and archiving the ethnological collections of Taiwan aborigines at the Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica. DAFA includes 13 different types of data, such as images, artifacts, population, settlements, research bibliography, research tables, research maps, traditional land contracts, ethnomusical data, field video, field interview, multimedia publications and Ch'ing documents regarding Taiwan aborigines from National Palace Museum. DAFA hopes that the digital archive will both promote related research and provide educational resources for teachers at the high schools. DAFA starts at the beginning of 2002 and ends at the end of 2007. During the first two years of 2002 and 2003, DAFA has put the first priority on the establishment of the official website, including the database of digital archives, database for basic references, news and events, website introduction, virtual communities, related links, virtual office and etc. Following the rules of metadata, DAFA has set up 13 cross-referenced databases with sophiscated consideration of access right as well as management platform. As for the digital contents, DAFA has been filled up according to the ethnic groups by year with all 13 different types of digital data together. Interested parties can visit for detailed information.

<source: National Digital Archives Program web site>

Applied Metadata Standard

Artifact - CDWA (Categories for the Description of Works of Art)
Research Bibliography - MARC
Research Bibliography: Authority Records of Pesonal Names - MARC Format for Authority Data

Metadata Elements List

Progress and Result

 Research Bibliography
Authority Records of Personal Names
Original project schedule


Working documents contain the records when MAAT works on analyzing metadata with the staffs of the thematic group. They include worksheets, controlled vocabulary lists, analysis reports, system requirement specifications, guidelines, meeting reports, and misc