2009 Events  
  Apr. 02

Participation and report on Workshop on AAT in Chinese
The workshop intends to have more in-depth discussions on AAT in Chinese collaboration project between TELDAP(Taiwan) and Getty Research Institute(U.S.A.). Two articles was presented by MAAT of TELDAP, including The collaboration in building Chinese AAT system for bilingual thesaurus services (by Feng-chien Chung), and AAT Translation Assessment Process (by Ching-ju Cheng).

  Apr. 02

Participation and report on MCN Taiwan 2009 Annual Meeting
MCN Taiwan 2009 had invited representatives of two important American museums (Smithsonian Institution and Getty Research Institute) to speak about the organizational developments and outcomes in museum information technologies. MCN Taiwan had also invited museums and cultural organizations in Taiwan to share their experiences of using new technologies and media. Moreover, MAAT of TELDAP had given a presentation on the status of MCN Taiwan Standards SIG and its annual plan in 2009.

  Mar. 09

Participation and report on 3rd GRL 2020 Workshop
The Global Research Libraries 2020 (GRL 2020) has been set up to form a vision for the future development of digital libraries. The aim of GRL 2020 is to provide a platform to identify the direction in which libraries should evolve and the necessary initiatives for making this possible. In 3rd GRL 2020 Workshop during from 23 to 25 Feb. 2009, Mr. Ya-ning Chen of MAAT has not only collaborated with International Collaboration and Promotion of Taiwan e-Learning and Digital Archives Project of TELDAP to submit a position paper for discussion, but he also made a presentation with title "Metadata developments in TELDAP" to report the current developments and issues of metadata application and research in TELDAP.

  2008 Events  
  Sep. 09

Announcement of the suspension of MAAT DSpace Service
Due to the severe damage of electric power supply system, MAAT DSpace System is temporarily not able to provide the regular services. After the electric power supply and related equipments, we will announce the re-open of MAAT DSpace instantly. Sorry for the inconvinience and thanks for your patience.

  Nov. 28

MAAT completed the metadata specification for “Digital Archive of the Navy Memorial Collections-Destroyer Class Vessels (I ).?/a>

  Nov. 20

Teaching Materials "Introduction to Metadata and Practice"
Workshop on Taiwan Digital Archives Expansion Project.
by Chen, Y.-N. Sum, H.-C. Chen, H.-P.

  Aug. 25

On Monday, Sep. 1, MAAT Website will be change URL from http://www.sinica.edu.tw/~metadata/ to http://metadata.teldap.tw.

  2006 Events  
  Feb. The 2005 Annual Exhibition of National Digital Archives Program took place in Taipei City Hall on February 10 – 13, 2006. The “Community Content and Application of International Metadata” issue was selected by MAAT as the presentation theme.
  2005 Events  

Presentation "Metadata Lifecycle Model and Metadata Interoperability"
MAAT members Ya-ning Chen and Shu-jiun Chen gave presentation on Metadata Lifecycle Model and Metadata Interoperability in CoLIS Fifth International Conference on Conception of Library and Information Science. (Hosted by University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK. June 4 - 8, 2005.)

   Mar. The 2004 Annual Exhibition of National Digital Archives Program took place on the basement floor of the National Museum of Natural Science on February 25 ?March 6, 2005. The “Community Content and Metadata?issue was selected by MAAT as the presentation theme.
  2004 Events  
   Dec. 22 Publicize the powerpoint presentation material titled Metadata for the National Digital Archives Program(NDAP) of Taiwan. The Co-Principal Investigator of Metadata Architecture and Application Team (MAAT) Shu-jiun (Sophy) Chen, with National Digital Archive Program, visited The J. Paul Getty Trust, an important museum association in the United States. The presentation was mainly concerning the application and development of Metadata on museums in Taiwan.
  Dec. 20 Digital Archives Technique Regulation Conference: The Research and Development of Metadata in Digital Archive Programs—Retrospect and Perspective will be held at Academic Activity Center, Academia Sinica, on December 20, 2004. The conference aims to exhibit the present development of metadata in Taiwan, offering an opportunity for different projects to interact and to share experience on metadata analysis and planning. Experts and specialists involved in the field of museum, archive and library are invited. The metadata workshop will present the flowchart and methods of Metadata Architecture and Application Team (MAAT). In addition, the Exhibition of Metadata Architecture and Application Team of National Digital Archive Programs will be in display at the lobby where the public has access to have a better understanding of the content and methods. For more information, please refer to the website: http://datf.iis.sinica.edu.tw/Announcement/show.jsp?fn=04MAAT
   Nov. 1 Metadata Architecture and Application Team (MAAT) Publicizes “the guide for Metadata system function requirements analysis and specification version 0.6. ”The main mission of MAAT is to support the metadata system function requirements of thematic projects in National Digital Archive Programs. The guide is based on the practical experience of making specifications. It includes: Digital Archive system concepts and Metadata Lifecycle, the procedure and methods of transiting content analysis into metadata system requirement specification, and the technical key points of system development. It is hoped that the thematic projects will have an overview of the system analysis procedure and methods so as to meet the specifications.
  Oct. 20 A new non-solicited project: The Development of Digital Archives for Modern Treasure of Art Works of content development division (proposed by Chinese Culture University).
  Oct. 20 A new non-solicited project: Cyber Display and Information Searching System for Taiwanese Antique Agricultural Implements of content development division (proposed by National Pingtung University of Science and Technology).
  Oct. 19
The 2004 Jade & Stone/Seal/Western Painting Metadata of National Historical and Cultural Artifacts Digital Collection Project of National Museum of History was completed.
 Jul. 9
The project “the Digital Archives of the Historical Source Materials Held by the Taiwan Provincial Consultative Council and the Institute of Taiwan History, Academia Sinica” was added into working list. For more information, please refer to the sub-project website of the planning commission for the Institute of Political Science, Academia Sinica.
Jul. 6 To have every progress and achievement of thematic projects acquainted to the public, Metadata Architecture and Application Team (MAAT) demonstrated related materials online, in the form of documents, advertisements, posters and activities, concerning its participation in Annual Exhibition of National Digital Archives Program.
  Mar. 25 From 2004, MAAT will adjust its cooperation modes with thematic projects and system development institutes. For more details, please refer to “The Instruction of Cooperation Mode with MAAT 2004.”
  Feb. 2 MAAT completed the content analysis of the thematic project “Digital Preservation of Large-scale Historical Buildings and Components.” The purpose of the project is to digitize historic buildings and the Pao-an Temple of Taipei is used as an example.
  Jan. 16 The metadata specification for “the Creative and Value-adding Digital Project for the Education and Promotion of Taiwan’s Prehistoric Culture (1): the Pei-nan Site and Pei-nan Culture” was completed. Owing to the project, the related information was integrated and organized for the public to have a thorough understanding about the prehistoric Pei-nan Culture.
  Jan. 9 MAAT completed the metadata specification for “Digital Project of Taiwan Soutokufu Senbaikyoku Archives v2.1.” The project aims to digitize a large number of documents and archives, which record the history of Taiwan during Japanese Rule.